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UCB provides cutting edge services in access and the revenue cycle. With consistent private ownership since 1959, we have served healthcare providers with customized and flexible patient financial solutions.

Our 400 national provider client base includes:

Providing best-in-class services ensure continued long-term client and employee relationships.

UCB is at the forefront of technological, regulatory and operational excellence.

We are advocates for our clients, their patients and their communities.

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Our Solutions

Pre-Registration Services

Using our service reduces your administrative cost and increases cash flow with up-front collections.

We provide to your patients:

  • Superior customer service
  • Instruction on upcoming procedures
  • Insurance verification
  • Understanding of amounts due and the ability to set up payments on co-pays and deductibles

UCB relieves your staff and saves administrative cost by calling patients before a scheduled service and allowing them to update their information from the comfort of their own home.  UCB will:

  • Remind the patient of the time and location of the procedure, giving directions as needed
  • Verify demographic information (name, address, place of employment)
  • Provide clinical instruction (what to wear, what to bring) as provided by the provider
  • Verify social security number(s)
  • Verify / Obtain  insurance information
  • Confirm / Obtain pre-authorization
  • Collect the co-pay and deductible amount


As always, all information provided is safeguarded with the strictest of HIPAA standards.

Eligibilty Assitance Programs

Our eligibility specialists guide and assist your patients throughout each step of the eligibility verification and benefits verification process to ensure correct reimbursement.

  • In-depth, on-site expertise for inpatient accounts
  • Custom tailored solutions for outpatients and emergency patients
  • Back-end screening of undiscovered eligibility throughout your health care system

UCB secures government and community reimbursement for uncompensated medical care expenses.


  • Improved cash flow
  • Revenue cycle time reduction
  • Reduced bad debt
  • Reduced collection agency fees

Improves community relations:

  • Hospital provided service at no cost to the patient
  • Patients served by experts dedicated to patient advocacy
  • Diligent and meticulous follow-up through the application process
  • Upon approval, many patients receive monthly cash benefits for food, shelter and clothing, as well as Medicaid for preventative healthcare
  • Bilingual assistance
  • Assistance for the hearing impaired

Presumptive Charity Program

  • 501(r) Solution
  • Reduces administrative costs
  • Increases collections

Offered as either:

  • Stand – alone service
  • Part of our Early Out program


UCB’s proprietary model and algorithm (iSolutions) is an automated presumptive charity model, ensuring all patients receive a fair and consistent evaluation for financial assistance programs regardless of their active participation.

Using several databases to acquire financial and general information on the patient’s entire household, UCB uses our algorithm to provide a robust financial portrait. This satisfies federal guidelines and is tailored to your facility’s charity policies.

Propensity to Pay Analytics

  • Reduces administrative costs
  • Increases collections

Offered as either:

  • Stand – alone service
  • Part of our Early Out program

iSolutions also provides you or our UCB patient account representatives with a strategy for each patient’s financial obligation based on the patient’s likelihood and ability to pay.

  • Automated
  • Drives workflows and account treatments for faster cash reimbursement
  • More efficient handling
  • Provides maximum / minimum payment arrangements


By driving patients to faster, more convenient payment options while maintaining reputable and compliant standards, UCB is able to assist healthcare facilities in overcoming the barriers to patient payments.

Early-Out/Self-Pay Collections

UCB acts as an extension of your business office to collect the self-pay portion of accounts (after insurance, after Medicare and Registered or Straight self-pay).  We design a program for each client specifically so that efforts are seamless.

Statements and letters that we send duplicate your logo and formats with mailing addresses to your lock box.  We offer the same discounts and special services that your facility does.

Offered as:

  • Day one forward flow
  • Special projects to “clean up” older accounts
  • Work out for legacy system accounts during a system conversion
  • Small balance program


By incorporating our client’s culture, procedures and process into our personnel, UCB is able to provide a seamless transition and result in excellence in both patient service and account resolution. UCB’s well-defined early-out/self-pay program is an asset to any facility in terms of patient satisfaction scores and repeat business.

Insurance Follow-Up

  • Small balance forward flow
  • Special projects

Examine your Age Trial Balance Summary and determine if small balance accounts are rolling to write-off without follow up because your staff is just too busy to get to them.  This is an area that can be outsourced to UCB.


  • Examines the accounts for possible errors
  • Contacts the 3rd party payer
  • Corrects and re-bill as necessary
  • Continues follow up until payment


Providers also use our services to “clean up” a backlog of aged accounts and for legacy system work-outs at system conversion.

Bad Debt Recovery

  • Primary collection
  • Secondary collection
  • Legal options

UCB’s utilization of technological and other resources allows us to positively affect your bottom line:

  • Proprietary scoring model presents most collectible accounts
  • Available credit bureau file for educated ability to pay
  • Integrated dialer system
  • Various skip vendors to locate the patient/guarantor
  • Web patient payment option

UCB provides optimal net back return on bad debt accounts while maintain a low complaint profile.

  • Automated waterfall skiptracing
  • Strategic scoring of accounts
  • Superior representative training
  • 100% of calls are recorded
  • Full time Quality Assurance and Compliance department monitors and evaluates representatives’ call performance
  • Complaint data base.

Patients can:

  • Pay online
  • Discuss arrangements with trained and empathetic representatives
  • Provide additional 3rd party payer information.
  • Pay by credit card
  • Pay by check by phone


Legal Services
UCB maintains and manages our own national attorney network for accounts where the patient has refused to pay and has assets.    Each account is only pursued with client authorization.